Announcement: Hippo CMS 7.7.6 maintenance release

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Announcement: Hippo CMS 7.7.6 maintenance release

Simon Voortman-2
Dear all,

The new maintenance release 7.7.6 is now available for public use. Updating your project's parent pom with this version should provide you with the needed dependencies. New projects can be bootstrapped using the new archetype version 1.05.08

The new versions of the dependencies have been available for a while, but they are now bundled in this 7.7.6 release. If you have been using these dependencies by adding them to your project's pom file, please remove them from your properties section when using the 7.7.6 maintenance release.

Kind regards,

The Hippo Team


Improvements and bug fixes
CMS7-6238 Channel Manager perspective is not visible and logs ERROR when the site is not running
CMS7-6251 Performance issue during login with the FacetRootsObserver
CMS7-6288 Clicking document in Dashboard History list does not always highlight document list title to identify easily
CMS7-6321 Channel locking and discard: Choosing "No" or closing dialog makes template composer hang
CMS7-6330 Required Field Validation: Several issues
CMS7-6349 Console - Properties that are 'multiple' can change type when adding/deleting values or don't allow adding values
CMS7-6355 Removing a jcr node from the console and then close the browser makes the change to be persisted after the http session gets unbounded in the container
CMS7-6359 Channel Manager logs NPE when channel does not have a locale
CMS7-6363 Regression - Channel creation wizard renders "blank screen" for "channel properties"
CMS7-6366 Documents editing is not working when the site it down
CMS7-6369 If using an unsupported browser an error message is shown when accessing the cms url
CMS7-6381 Channelmanager is broken with "'console' is undefined" in IE8 and IE9
CMS7-6382 CMS search doesn't show the most relevant search hits but the most irrelevant
CMS7-6396 Context menu force full rendering of tree which is extreme slow with large expanded trees
CMS7-6398 CurrentActivity plugin slows down workflow operations and the cms in general

REPO-462 Guard against NFE during bootstrap when Implementation-Build entry is missing
REPO-466 Starting up two cluster nodes at the same time (ie booting a server) fails

HSTTWO-2242 Always clean up instance variables in all hst Tag classes
HSTTWO-2271 SiteMapItemHandler using HstRequestContext#getSession() could lead to jcr session leak.
HSTTWO-2246 When within the current session the site has been accessed in the channelmanager, the contextpath keeps being included.
HSTTWO-2249 HstComponent instances shared between multiple host environments can lead to unexpected behavior
HSTTWO-2259 Finegrained reloading of cached HstNode can result in wrong order of loaded nodes
HSTTWO-2260 In case when the dispatch URL is a named resource server or named renderer, a exception is incorrectly thrown and logged by GenericHstComponent#doBeforeServeResource
HSTTWO-2261 Multiple CXFJaxrsServices reuse the same cxf Bus instance which can result in failing jaxrs services
HSTTWO-2264 Improve FormUtils such that it is also populate the formMap without HstRequest (for example in a pipeline Valve)
HSTTWO-2282 Sitemenu invalidation sometimes fails

HIPPLUG-479 Have the related docs plugin only suggest similar documents through search that are of the current site's content
AUTOEXPORT-27 Auto export imagelink exception
AUTOEXPORT-29 Bootstrap content can get duplicated

Artifacts and versions
commons 1.01.00
repository 2.22.09
cms 2.22.10
addon-faceteddate 2.22.01
addon-publication-workflow 2.22.05
addon-hst-configuration-editor 1.09.02
addon-channel-manager 2.22.07
addon-google-analytics 2.22.02
addon-brokenlinks 2.22.02
addon-automatic-export 2.02.04
packages 2.22.04
hst 2.24.07

dashboard-document-wizard 1.03.09
gallerypicker 1.10.01
easy-forms 2.10.03
easy-forms-hst 2.10.02
poll 1.05.04
relateddocs 2.08.07
selection 2.05.06
sitemap 1.03.00
taxonomy 1.08.04
tcmp 1.05.04
properties 2.07.07
content-blocks 1.08.02
ecm-tagging 4.04.01

addon-newsletter-manager 1.02.02
addon-reporting 1.04.02

jackrabbit 2.2.12-h1

Archetype 1.05.08

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