Announcement: New versions for CMS and repository on 7.7

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Announcement: New versions for CMS and repository on 7.7

Simon Voortman-2
Dear all,

New versions are available for the 7.7.5 maintenance release:

- CMS version 2.22.10
- Repository version 2.22.09

We plan to include these in the upcoming 7.7.6 release, which will be
finalized in the coming weeks.

The issues that have been addressed for these versions include:

CMS7-6396 - Context menu force full rendering of tree which is extreme
slow with large expanded trees
CMS7-6398 - CurrentActivity plugin slows down workflow operations and
the cms in general
CMS7-6251 - Performance issue during login with the FacetRootsObserver
CMS7-6382 - CMS search doesn't show the most relevant search hits but
the most irrelevant
REPO-466 - Starting up two cluster nodes at the same time (ie booting
a server) fails
REPO-462 - Guard against NFE during bootstrap when
Implementation-Build entry is missing

If you wish to use these new versions now, you can include the
following in the properties section in your project pom(s):


Kind regards,

Simon Voortman
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