Announcement: New versions for HST and Channel Manager on 7.7

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Announcement: New versions for HST and Channel Manager on 7.7

Simon Voortman-2
Dear all,

New versions are available for the 7.7.5 maintenance release:

- HST version:  2.24.07
- Channel Manager version: 2.22.07

We plan to include these in the upcoming 7.7.6 release, which will be
finalized in the coming weeks.

The issues that have been addressed for these versions include:

CMS7-6381 - Channelmanager is broken with "'console' is undefined" in
IE8 and IE9
CMS7-6238 - [BACKPORT] Channel Manager perspective is not visible and
logs ERROR when the site is not running
CMS7-6420 - Warning during bootstrap process: "Build number not valid,
not storing it on initialize item 'hippo-cms-document-only-pickers'"

HSTTWO-2261 - Multiple CXFJaxrsServices reuse the same cxf Bus
instance which can result in failing jaxrs services
HSTTWO-2264 - Improve FormUtils such that it is also populate the
formMap without HstRequest (for example in a pipeline Valve)
HSTTWO-2246 - When within the current session the site has been
accessed in the channelmanager, the contextpath keeps being included.
HSTTWO-2249 - HstComponent instances shared between multiple host
environments can lead to unexpected behavior
HSTTWO-2259 - Finegrained reloading of cached HstNode can result in
wrong order of loaded nodes

For a complete list of changes I refer to our issue tracker at .

If you wish to use these new versions now, you can include the
following in the properties section in your project pom(s):


Kind regards,

Simon Voortman
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