Can't use Channel Manager in IE7, IE8

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Can't use Channel Manager in IE7, IE8

Rob Krabbendam
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I have a strange and annoying problem in the CMS 7.7.9 production environment of a client.
When in the dashboard and clicking on one of the tabs, like channel manager or documents, nothing seems to happen and the url changes to

This only happens in the production environment, not in acc-environment which is - or should be - exactly the same. Also it only happens with IE7 and IE8, not with modern browsers.

Already tried without success:
- suggestions in CMS7-6721 (flush hippo:log-entries)
- clear cookies
- checked tomcat versions and context.xml
- checked apache config
- IE compatibility mode
- IE: unchecked "Do not save encrypted pages to disk"
- checked catalina.out and hippo-cms.log while error occurs, no related messages logged

Any help is highly appreciated.