HOW to define workflow for user.

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HOW to define workflow for user.

Priyank Gupta
hello Guys,
              i have created role ,group , site user in hippo:config.Now when i logined then i have seen that when i click on link then it does not work it show me the forbidden message.

so tell me is there any workflow need to be defined??

Actually i have got the code from some where and it have already created a user itr1 and pass itr1 .

when i login from this user then all link related to user work.(in console hst:sitemapitem have a property of role which defined in hippo:config.)

is it the reason for this??

one more thing when i not login and i tried to access these link it redirect to me login of home.

if in any element i add a role then it will not give access to that element.

Please try to help me to figure out these.