Multivalue property in plugin configuration

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Multivalue property in plugin configuration

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I want to create a custom ValueListProvider for the DynamicDropdownPlugin, that reads keys and values from multivalue properties in the plugin configuration. The reason for this is that the StaticDropdownPlugin only supports a flat comma-separated list, and I need key-value pairs.

I added two multivalue properties (valuelist.keys and valuelist.values) to the 'cluster.options' node of the plugin in the type it is used in (/hippo:namespaces/mynamespace/mytype/editor:templates/_default_/myplugin/cluster.options). Is this the right place?

The DynamicDropdownPlugin requests the ValueListProvider (which is registered as a cms service) and passes its config to it. I was under the impression that I could use config.getStringArray() in ValueListProvider to get the values of the multivalue properties, but I am getting null back. How can I get the multivalue properties' values?