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New tooling - clean up versions (document revisions)

Bas van Leeuwen
Hi there,

Last week we made available a new maintenance tool that might help you keep you Hippo installations shiny and fresh.

As you perhaps know, Hippo CMS stores a version of documents on every publication, while this is very desired functionality it does increase storage. Normally not an issue (since editors hardly ever work on more than a couple handfuls of documents a day), but you might run afoul if you use a periodic automatic import, generating hundreds of versions each day.

With the new VersionsCleanerTool you can clean up any unwanted versions and keep your storage usage down. Please see for details.

Hippo would like to thank the Dutch Ministry of General Affairs for their monetary contribution that allowed this tool to be open sourced.

Bas van Leeuwen

[hidden email] - Hippo
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