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Jeroen Reijn

When you mention that it gets saved to the node of the previous user how are you tracking this and can you perhaps show a bit more code so we can have a look.

The only thing I can think of is that your component is not implemented in a thread safe way, but I'm not sure without a bit more code.

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Op 18 okt. 2012 08:44 schreef "ramandeep0015" <[hidden email]> het volgende:
Hi Hippo Team

I am using hippo Cms and i am stuck.
I have created a bean and overridden the bind method

when i am getting the object from path and saving it. it saves the data in
Node of previous user

example user 1 is accessing the application and it updates some info
when user 2 updates the info it gets saved into the node of user 1

what i see in logger. bind method is creating this issue. please let me know
the correct way to implement the bind method

we are obtaining the persistable session and workflowpersistenceManager as

javax.jcr.Session persistableSession= getPersistableSession(hstRequest);

wpm.setWorkflowCallbackHandler(new FullReviewedWorkflowCallbackHandler());
private  class FullReviewedWorkflowCallbackHandler implements
   WorkflowCallbackHandler<FullReviewedActionsWorkflow> {
  public void processWorkflow(FullReviewedActionsWorkflow wf)
    throws Exception {

Please help me.

Ramandeep Singh

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