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Laurens Leeuwis

Hi All,


When a document of a specific type is copied in the CMS, I want to trigger some action onto that document (example: I want the 'title' field to be "THIS IS A COPY").


Following the documentation, I have created a WorkflowEvent for this nodetype, which is triggered by te hipposys:eventconditionmethod 'copy'.


In my WorkflowEventWorkflow implementation, the fire() method gets triggered! wohoo! First success.


However, I would really like to access the newly-created (copied) document, to set the title field. How to do this?

1 - the fire(Document document) method isn't called. I guess this is because the CopyWorkflow interface returns a void, so this would be a no-go to access the document.

2 - get access to the the document by a private Document variable, which is persisted (@Persistent(column = "..")). This does give me a document, but it is the original one, not the copied one!


How to get the just-before copied document?

Please help!





NB I noted (by looking through the hippolog:item's) that the fire-event of my own implementation has a later timestamp than the copy-event, so I guess that the copied document is already created.

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